After months of successful beta run and pilot production deployments, we are getting ready for the general release of our “built from the ground up” cloud based document management system REV



And providing the highest Quality Services

  • No Guess work Pricing
  • Free Sample Scans
  • Hands on Project Management
  • Scan on Demand
  • Complete Satisfaction

Roll Film scanning (35mm or 16mm) Microfiche Scanning (all types)

As Low as $14.50 per roll or $1.00 per microfiche

Aperture Card scanning (to include hollerith data)
As Low as $0.10 per card. Re-scans are $0.15 per card.

* $200.00 job minimum, shipping is an additional cost
Please contact us with any questions
P. 1-800-274-5568

Welcome to Scanning Revolution!

Would you be surprised to learn that managers typically spend up to 4 hours per day hunting for information? Anyone who has ever manually retrieved microfilm, microfiche, or aperture card records knows it can be a time consuming and tedious process. Whether you work in a government agency, health care facility, library, or financial institution, scanning your outdated film into digital format can save you valuable time and money.

Experience the value of converting your microfilm collection by letting us provide you with a free sample scan. Simply send us microfilm, microfiche, or aperture cards and we will scan and return digital images to you at no charge and for no commitment.



Privacy and Security

We are serious about our commitment to the security and privacy of our customer’s information. Our staff is screened and HIPAA certified and fully understand the importance of handling sensitive information.

Shipping Questions?

We have used Fedex and UPS for our shipping services for many years and have never once had a problem. If you want added protection from either carrier you can use their secure shipping service which provide additional levels of shipping protection.

Microfilm to PDF, TIF, or JPG?

  Microfilm Scanning Services ¬† We are the best at what we do Scanning Revolution¬†offers a wide variety of microfilm scanning to digital services. From microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards, we cater to your digitizing needs with versatility and professionalism in a timely fashion. We can adapt to your specific projects whether you have small […]

Frame Count on Microfilm?

Microfilm comes in 2 different sizes and lengths. 16mm microfilm is about an inch wide and comes in 2 different lengths- 100ft and 215ft. 35mm microfilm is about twice as wide as 16mm microfilm and is usually 100ft in length. Count the number of frames in a 1 foot section of your film and then […]