Microfilm to PDF, TIF, or JPG?

Microfilm strip close up
Microfilm strip close up


Microfilm Scanning Services


We are the best at what we do

Scanning Revolution offers a wide variety of microfilm scanning to digital services. From microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards, we cater to your digitizing needs with versatility and professionalism in a timely fashion. We can adapt to your specific projects whether you have small or large quantities and we provide you with a free sample so you can make a choice between bitonal or grayscale final images. Our state of the art processes will leave you with high quality images at a very low price.


Top-level equipment

Our facilities are equipped with the latest generation microfilm scanners which allows us to adjust the image quality in order to compensate for the film density changes throughout a single roll. Unlike traditional microfilm scanners that attempt to capture individual frames at scan time (a process that can often miss frames when the film is inconsistent), our microfilm scanners scan the entire roll of microfilm to cover areas in between frames. This allows us to digitally review the results in order to manually capture every single frame that would have been missed.


A long-standing experience

With over 30 years of combined experience in the scanning industry, our professionals have encountered all of the common issues related to microfilm to digital conversions. Thanks to our interactive processes, designed to optimize the quality and accuracy of the scanning, our specialist are dedicated to quality microfilm scanning. This allows us to operate around the clock to give you high-quality results in the fastest timeline possible.


Turn-key solutions

And we don’t stop at digitizing your microfilms. For a very affordable price, we can index your scanned documents in our state of the art database with tags and inventory methods that will make it incredibly easy for you to retrieve your files. The EVO suite of products and services will offer you complete peace of mind that everything in your archives is easily searchable and retrievable.