Have you thought about scanning your microfiche into digital form? The problem is that scanners for microfiche are expensive. Then once you have scanned your microfiche you won’t use it again. That means you have to store it or sell it for less than you paid for it.

Another problem is if you purchase a used scanner you will not know how good the resolution is. That could mean the scanned items are not as sharp as they should be. They may even been less vivid than the original microfiche.

So what can you do? Scanning Revolution is the answer. We provide high-quality scanning of all your microfiche. We also scan microfilm, and aperture cards. The scanned digital records then go to the cloud for storage.

What industries can benefit from microfiche scanning?

There are several industries that can benefit from microfiche scanning. These include:

  • Local and state government such as county clerks, records office for titles and land deeds, or vital statistics office for births and death certificates, etc.
  • Medical and dental offices for patient records
  • Newspapers and Journals for back issues
  • Libraries for newspaper, journals, and other research materials
  • Architects and engineers for drawings and blueprints
  • Businesses such as manufacturing for human resource records, research, and proprietary formulas, and more
  • Research industry for data collection, formulas, and others
  • Banks and loan offices
  • Law firms for client records
  • Schools for student records

There are many industries that can benefit from scanning microfiche to digital records.

What are the benefits of going digital?

There are many benefits to going digital.

First, unlike microfiche digital records do not age and become brittle over time. Everything from paper to microfiche is affected by the passing of time. It becomes dry, brittle, yellow, fades, etc. It becomes hard to read and handle.  Digital on the other hand you do not have to worry that it will fall apart when you look at it because you do not touch it physically.

Second, digital takes up less room to store. Your digital records can be stored on the cloud and also on a thumb drive as a backup. That means you can utilize the space you have been using for file cabinets or other items for storage. You can turn it into space for a waiting area, restroom, add desks for more workers, etc.

Third, you no longer have to worry about fire as much. The old dried microfiche film will not add fuel if a fire happens. You also won’t lose those valuable records as they will be stored on the cloud.

Fourth, easy access to the records no more spending hours trying to find a certain file in all the cabinets. You can go the cloud and look at the directory to search for that record.

Fifth, all new paper copies can be scanned and saved to the cloud. All digital files can be saved to the cloud. That means all your files are in digital form in one easy to access format.

Choosing the right scanning company

Choosing the right scanning company does not have to be difficult. Look for a company that offers you good resolution, a fair price, privacy for your files, and quick turnaround time.

Scanning Revolution does microfiche scanning that is a fair price, a quick turnaround time, and always keeps your records confidential. We even offer a free sample. Send us a file, allow us to scan it and return it back so that you can actually see the quality.

Our prices are fair and reasonable especially if you consider the cost of a scanner and man-hours to copy all your microfiche.

Microfiche scanning costs is $1.00 per fiche sheet. We will scan your microfiche, QC and audit the output. Then save all imaginings to a file titled with the same data on the microfiche title bar. Then save the scan to a pdf, tif, or jpg – bitonal or grayscale. Note: We do have a 200.00 job minimum.

Your records will be done with the strictest confidentiality and care. We will then return the microfiche to you and help you learn how to access your records in the cloud.

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