How Libraries Benefit from Scanning Revolution Document Scan & Storage

Many libraries are benefiting from the Scanning Revolution document scan and storage of its materials and archives. Scanning Revolution is a leader among scanning and storage facilities thousands or records currently on microfiche and microfilm to a digital format, providing quality and security to libraries that allow them better help students and educators find old records and important information, just got less complicated and time-consuming with the scanning services of the Scanning Revolution.

What types of materials are libraries scanning?

What types of materials can libraries scan to microfiche or microfilm? Many research materials, such as the following:

  • Newspapers
  • Journals
  • Brittle books
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Personal papers of literary figures, world leaders, and historians
  • Records of agencies, political parties, and other institutions

Having these materials on microfiche or microfilm allows students and educators to quickly find the research they need.

Cloud storage access

After the materials are scanned, they can be contained in cloud storage or a database that will make it easy and quick to access them. Patrons can then print out or email the material as a pdf.

Searching the database or cloud is far quicker than the old way of looking through stacks of newspapers or journals. It also takes up less room in the library. It is safer by reducing the risk of fire as well.

Scanning Revolutions pricing and quality

Scanning Revolution provides the superiority of using top-rated scanners and equipment from manufacturers like Canon, NextScan, Wicks & Wilson and Ideal. Our scanning professionals are vetted, trained, and stick to current security and privacy policies and keep your items secure and safe.

Scanning Revolution has reasonable fees that fit almost any budget. We take pride in our service and quality control and treat your media as if they were our own, handling them with the care and security they deserve.

Roll Film scanning (35mm or 16mm) Microfiche Scanning (all types)

As Low as $16.50 per roll or $1.00 per microfiche Aperture Card scanning (to include hollerith data)

As Low as 15 cents per card. Re-scans are 25 cents per card.

* $200.00 job minimum, shipping is an additional cost.

If your library is ready to update its materials to microfiche or microfilm, call us today 1-800-274-5568 to get your newspapers, journals, brittle books, and other important research material saved and secured for years to come or with any questions you may have.