Police Departments Are Using Scan Rev to Digitize Their Files

Police departments are choosing Scan Rev to scan and digitize their files from microfiche and microfilm. There are several reasons they are going digital with Scan Rev.

First, digital requires less storage space and reduces the risk of fire that paper files can cause. Secondly, digital records are easier to read than old paper, microfiche, or microfilm that can become brittle, have ink fade, or become wrinkled over time.

What Records Are Police Departments Digitally Retaining

There are a number of records and data that a police department can retain in a digital format. Some of those include

  • Case files
  • Arrest records
  • Personnel files
  • Time sheets of personnel
  • Training manuals
  • Updated training manuals

Once these records or data is digitized, it will be put on the cloud for storage. These stored records allow quick access to the information that may be needed.

Scan Rev offers

Scan Rev offers highly trained professionals who have been vetted and follow all the latest security and privacy policies.

High quality scans from the top line of scanners such as Canon, NextScan, Ideal, and Wicks & Wilson. You can even purchase a scan sample to understand the quality and value of the scanning.

Pricing is Fair and Affordable

Scan Rev offers fair and affordable pricing.

Scanning Revolution offers the following prices:

Roll Film scanning (35mm or 16mm) Microfiche Scanning (all types)

As Low as $16.50 per roll or $1.00 per microfiche Aperture Card scanning (to include Hollerith data)

As Low as 15 cents per card. Re-scans are 25 cents per card.

* $200.00 job minimum, shipping is an additional cost.

If your police department is moving to the 21st century and digitizing its records from microfiche and microfilm, call us today at 1-800-274-5568 or email us to get started.